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Upgrading Angular Applications

By Victor Savkin

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About the book

Many organizations have large AngularJS 1.x applications deployed to production. These applications may be built by multiple teams from different lines of business. They may use different routers and state management strategies. Rewriting such applications all at once, or big bang migrations, is not just impractical, it is often impossible, and mainly for business reasons. We need to do gradually.

To help with the upgrade process the Angular team built NgUpgrade, a library for mix-and-matching AngularJS and Angular components. The question now is how we can use this library in the most advantageous way? What patterns and strategies should we use? 

The book explores NgUpgrade in depth, including the mental model, implementation, subtleties of the API. It also talks about different strategies for upgrading large AngularJS applications to Angular.

About the Author

Victor Savkin is a core contributor to the Angular project. He has been on the Angular team since the inception of Angular 2.x and developed dependency injection, change detection, forms, and the router. After founding Nrwl Victor has been working with many companies helping them upgrade their AngularJS applications.



About Nrwl and Nx

We at Nrwl we use our experience working at Google to help companies build frontend applications the way Google does it.

That is why we built Nx,  a set of tools designed specifically to help teams work with monorepos. With it, you can implement Google-style development in your organization: you can set up your workspace, enable code-sharing and collaboration, and use the provided tools to establish and promote best practices.